About Sada Group

About Us

SADA Group understands supply chain logistics, and operational management to meet the needs of our clients.

From Logistics and Shipping to Bulk Materials, SADA Group operates with extensive experience in every step of the process and we bring that expertise to bear to provide exceptional services and results to our clients.

Formed in 1991 to undertake contract processing and handling services for the NSW and Australian coal industry, SADA Group came into being when a diverse group of resource sector operators and talented industry personnel came together with the goal of offering superior service solutions to the industry.

Building on our management team’s combined decades of experience, SADA Group has developed, and continues to grow, a suite of service solutions that has made SADA a `one-stop-shop’ for the diverse needs of its clients, the wider resources sector and also a growing number of general business clients. The development of the Glenlee Rail Bulk Materials Facility has enabled the group to diversify and expand on its logistics and supply chain management capabilities.


Strategically placed private rail siding in South West Sydney



Container Terminal & Bulk Materials Facility



Large private landholding with minimal neighbours



Sada Group’s 30+ year experience in Logistics & Materials Handling