Environmental Rehabilitation Programs

Environmental Rehabilitation Programs

While SADA Group excels in providing a range of services to the resources sector, perhaps nowhere are our capabilities more valuable than in the rehabilitation of mining sites.

SADA has a proven track record in site rehabilitation and re mediation, with expertise across a range of areas including the closure of underground workings and portals to departmental standards, the removal of surface infrastructure and the rehabilitation of disturbed areas and re vegetation in keeping with the original vegetation of the specific region.

This track record has seen SADA entrusted with the rehabilitation of many sites in environmentally sensitive areas, including a particularly delicate site at Nattai in the Sydney Water Catchment.

Reject & Tailings Reprocessing

SADA’s coal preparation capabilities and ability to design and put in place modular plants tailored to the needs of a particular site make our site rehabilitation services not only beneficial and cohesive to the environment, but also to site owners.

Utilising innovative technology to recover and reprocess more coal from old tailings and reject waste during the rehabilitation, SADA can often help site owners recoup much of the cost of site rehabilitation making for a cost effective solution.

BVC - Environmental Monitoring Data:

BVC operates a site that requires the publication of Pollution Incident Response Management Plans and the reporting of water quality results as stipulated in the POELA Act.

Please click on the following link to view the current results:
BVC -Wollondilly Coal Preparation Plant Results

Please click the following link to view the relevant Pollution Incident Response Management Plans:
BVC -Wollondilly Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Please click on the following link to view the Annual Dam Safety Standards Report:
BVC - Wollondilly Annual Dam Safety Standards Report CY2021
BVC - Wollondilly Annual Dam Safety Standards Report CY2022
BVC - Wollondilly Annual Dam Safety Standards Report CY2023



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