Bulk Dry Products Haulage

The founding division of the group, SADA’s bulk dry product haulage division, Trazblend, has been in operation for over 35 years, specialising in the haulage of a range of bulk dry products for numerous clients in the Sydney and Illawarra regions.

Our company-owned, modern fleet of Kenworth prime movers currently haul in excess of 1,000,000mt of coal and other minerals and materials each year, with the volume constantly growing as more companies turn to SADA for the exceptional service we offer.

Accredited for Concessional Mass Limit (CML), SADA’s Trazblend fleet offers a range of configurations including Tri-axle Tippers, Truck & Dog and B-Double’s trailer configurations and provides the flexibility to meet any and every customer’s specific  requirements.

Our fleet is also accredited for Mass Management, enabling us to offer even greater cost-effectiveness to our clients.

To further meet the needs of our clients particularly in the resources sector, Trazblend also specialises in the haulage of heavy and oversized equipment.

Operated with the same focus on customer service, satisfaction and determination to deliver that SADA Group brings to every project, Trazblend offers a wide range of transport solutions and have become renowned for reliability, flexibility, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness.



Strategically placed private rail siding in South West Sydney



Container Terminal & Bulk Materials Facility



Large private landholding with minimal neighbours



Sada Group’s 30+ year experience in Logistics & Materials Handling