Coal Preparation Services

Coal Processing Plants

SADA Group has a proven history of bringing outstanding technical expertise to bear in designing, installing and contract operating coal processing plants for our many clients.

Enlisting SADA on your projects is guaranteed to result in efficient and cost-effective solutions, delivered with outstanding dedication to customer service.

Design and Installation of Coal Preparation Plants

SADA Group’s design and installation capabilities encompass the full spectrum of coal preparation services, offering an exceptional `one-stop’ solution for our clients.

The services offered by our highly skilled team include:
  • Concept planning and feasibility studies, including assessment of in-seam coal quality characteristics
  • Engineering and design which can tailor the process and design to suit specific projects
  • In-house design and process engineering
  • Full in-house CAD and drafting facilities
  • Equipment procurement, costing and supplier assessment
  • Project management from conception to operation
  • Detailed commissioning and performance monitoring
  • Preparation plant technical audits, including the review of existing operational plants that have experienced changes to characteristics
  • Upgrades and circuit design incorporating the review, design and implementation of upgrades to existing plants
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Environmental audits and remediation planning
Modular Coal Preparation Plants

Dedicated as we are to superior  service, innovation and excellence, SADA Group has developed highly efficient modular coal preparation plants that can be adapted to suit any specific operation.

The benefits of our modular coal preparation plants are:
  • They provide a cost effective alternative, with faster onsite construction time
  • Are expandable and allow the easy addition of further modules
  • The highly mobile portable modules can be readily relocated to new areas as required
  • Compact design
  • A minimal footprint is required for operation
SADA Group Contract Operation

SADA’s experience and expertise as a long-term contract washery operator has led to our successfully designing and/or contract operating several coal preparation plants for major Australian coal companies.

A SADA-driven contract operation offers many benefits to our clients.

SADA’s extensive coal preparation capabilities cover all aspects of coal processing including screening, crushing, dry and wet processing, dense media processing and dewatering.

We provide a lower cost per tonne alternative which improves yield and lowers operating costs, with our experienced management team delivering a contract operation which focuses on maximising recoverable yield and TPH throughput with minimal downtime.

A SADA contract operation also ensures adherence to the highest safety standards. Because the operation and management of a safe workplace is paramount to SADA Group, we implement a carefully tailored safety management system to suit each  individual operation.

Tailings Reprocessing

SADA Group has vast experience in the reprocessing of tailings dams to achieve both a strong economic return on investment and an environmental outcome for disused tailings dams and chitter/reject emplacement.



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