Rail Transoport Solutions

Rail Transport Solutions

SADA Group’s Glenlee Rail Siding provides a unique opportunity for goods distributors and rail providers, offering access to a private rail siding just south of the Sydney Metro passenger network which is outside the Sydney curfew area and offers highly flexible hours of operation.

SADA’s Glenlee Rail Siding combines the convenience of direct north and south access onto the main north/south rail line running between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, along with 3 kilometres of privately owned rail, several `run around’ points to enable shunting and the convenience of on-site refuelling services to clients.

Currently used extensively by Queensland Rail for marshalling and refuelling of their container freight services, SADA’s Glenlee Rail Siding offers immediate benefits to companies requiring rail siding facilities close to Sydney and will soon offer even more.



Strategically placed private rail siding in South West Sydney



Container Terminal & Bulk Materials Facility



Large private landholding with minimal neighbours



Sada Group’s 30+ year experience in Logistics & Materials Handling