Sada Safety


The SADA Group is committed to promoting and encouraging best practices to achieve a safe and healthy workplace. Incident prevention and the safety of workers are vitally important issues for the management of this company and our Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Management System is implemented with this in mind.

The management of SADA is committed to the empowerment of all workers such that they are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions, safety hazards or unsafe acts without fear of reproach.

Our continuous improvement ethos ensures that our safety and environment systems, management plans and procedures remain up to date and meet the legal and moral requirements of the numerous safety and environmental jurisdictions that the company operates across.

SADA’s Health, Safety and Environmental Strategy is a combination of Visible Leadership and Fundamental Risk Management resulting in Compliance.

There is a clear understanding at SADA that safety is everybody’s responsibility.



Strategically placed private rail siding in South West Sydney



Container Terminal & Bulk Materials Facility



Large private landholding with minimal neighbours



Sada Group’s 30+ year experience in Logistics & Materials Handling